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Bookmark the Blockchain: Structured Research Meets Community Wisdom

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Master the art of crypto research with DYORED, where extensive analysis meets community wisdom. Seamlessly track and bookmark projects, delve into structured sections for thorough insights, and store crucial data - all in a collaborative, user-driven ecosystem.

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Understanding the Lifecycle of Crypto Project Verification on Dyored

Best Crypto Research: From Danger Zone to DYORED's Trust


On Dyored, every crypto project undergoes a trust journey. It starts in the 'Danger Zone,' a stage where caution is advised due to limited information.

As our community contributes research, comments, and insights, the project moves to the 'DYORING' stage. Here, active research is underway, but caution is still advised. Finally, when our investigators verify that the project is out of the 'rugpull' zone, it earns the 'DYORED' tag, signaling a higher level of trust. Throughout this journey, real-time updates keep you informed.

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Meet Johnny, Your Fellow Crypto Enthusiast

Drowning in Tabs? Simplify Your Crypto Research Journey.

Johnny used to struggle with information overload, juggling 20 tabs just to piece together a coherent view of a single crypto project. It was stressful and inefficient. Now, he has just one tab: Dyored. Here, he finds consolidated, real-time information that makes his research journey a breeze.

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Meet Tim, the Busy Investor

Missing Crucial Updates? Stay Ahead of the Game.

Tim used to miss out on vital updates because he couldn't keep up with the fast-paced world of crypto. Missing one update could mean missing a lucrative investment opportunity. With Dyored's real-time notifications, Tim is always in the loop, making timely and informed decisions.

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Meet Emily, the Smart Analyst

Exhausted by Manual Tracking? Automate Your Analysis.

Emily used to spend hours manually updating Google Sheets, tracking every movement and update for each crypto project. It was tedious and left room for errors. Now, Dyored automates the tracking for her, freeing up her time and increasing her accuracy.

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The Heart of Dyored

We're not just developers and analysts; we're crypto enthusiasts just like you. We built Dyored to make everyone's crypto journey easier and more rewarding.

Why Dyored?

Born from a blend of crypto enthusiasts, market analysts, and technology geeks, we are committed to bringing clarity to the crypto community, saving your time and energy while making your investment decisions more informed.

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Who Is Dyored For?

From crypto newbies to seasoned investors, Dyored is designed for anyone who wants a smarter, simpler way to navigate the crypto world.

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Stay connected with Dyored on X and YouTube. We're actively sharing updates, insights, and engaging with our community on these platforms. From in-depth analysis videos on YouTube to the latest news and discussions on X, never miss an update from the world of Dyored!

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Our community channels on Telegram, Discord are buzzing with discussions, tips, and shared research. Become a part of our vibrant community and make your voice heard.

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With Dyored, you're not just investing in crypto; you're investing in a smarter, simpler, and more informed future.

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Be the first to know about the latest crypto projects and updates. We bring the news to you, so you never miss out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DYORED?

DYORED is a community-driven platform that provides comprehensive fundamental analysis tools for crypto investors, facilitating informed investment decisions with a focus on security and in-depth research.

How does DYORED ensure the safety of investments?

We employ a rigorous process called DYORING where experienced community editors thoroughly vet and investigate each project. Final assessments are made through a collective evaluation process, culminating in a DYORED score that indicates a project's security level.

What does 'DYORING' mean?

DYORING is the process of conducting detailed research and analysis on crypto projects. It involves scrutinizing every aspect of the project, from the team's background to smart contract security, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

How can I contribute to DYORED?

Users can contribute by participating in discussions, providing insights, or becoming an investigator to actively research projects. Contributions are subject to community validation to maintain the quality and reliability of information.

Is DYORED free to use?

DYORED offers a free tier with access to basic features, allowing you to track a limited number of projects. For full access and advanced features, we provide paid subscription plans.

What are 'Keys' on DYORED?

Keys are our in-platform currency that users can earn or purchase to unlock additional features, track more projects, or conduct private investigations on the platform.

Can I propose new features or improvements for DYORED?

Yes, our product development is community-driven. You can propose new ideas and vote on existing ones in our roadmap section on

How do I become an investigator on DYORED?

To become an investigator, apply through our Bootcamp with a sample research submission. If approved by community votes, you'll join as an investigator and can start contributing your research publicly.

What happens in the 'Evaluation' phase?

In the Evaluation phase, projects that have been thoroughly DYORING'd are put forward for collective review by our editors, who validate and rate the projects, providing a final DYORED score.

How often is the DYORED platform updated?

Our platform is dynamically updated in real-time as new research is contributed, projects evolve, and community feedback is received. Regular feature updates are planned and communicated via our roadmap section.